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Typical Swiss-made products now available in Ulan Bator


Swiss Products

It is based on exclusive distributorship agreements that we import and distribute in Mongolia products from the following Swiss enterprises


REUGE is the only true master of mechanical music; an Art that Reuge has resolutely guided into the 21st century. The phisolophy of Reuge can be summarized in a few words: tradition - quality - exclusivity - modernity - creativity. Its ambitious challenge is to thrust the music box back into the spotlight with luxurious and exclusive musical gifts. 


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MIFROMA is a Swiss specialist in dairy products and one of the most modern and innovative companies in Europe. Known as the worldwide expert in Swiss cheeses, its activity centres on maturing and refining cheeses.

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LOETSCHER  In 1920, the Loetscher family started building Swiss chalet cuckoo clocks guided  by two simple principles: an unerrig devotion to quality craftsmanship, and painstaking attention to artistic detail so  that every cuckoo clock bearing the Loetscher name is a premium-quality, true one-of-kind work of art. 

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The Boutique


 In spring 2019, we opened our first Swiss Boutique in a high standard shopping mall in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.



Mongolswiss Trading SA is a registered Swiss company exporting prime quality Swiss products such as cheese, cuckoo clocks and music boxes to Mongolia. While every aspect of the origination, export and finance is handled in Switzerland, the storage, sale and distribution in Mongolia fall under the responsibility of our local team in Ulan Bator.

In the near future, we expect to export Mongolian manufactured products to Switzerland and Europe.

In this respect, we recruit talented individuals and we empower them to take an entrepreneurial and dynamic approach which is the key to our success.